Our Forensic Division specializes in Data Recovery.  We have sophisticated software that helps you get your data recovered that can be presented in court cases.  We charge $300 for a one time forensic scan and data recovery service.  This service comes included in our Tier II Plan for $30 a month.  This service can be performed remotely and is comparable to Geek Squad's data plan priced at $450 and Data Doctor's Pricing at $350.  See their website below for our competition prices.  Please note that our competition requires you to bring or send in your computer while we can do this remotely.  Also, our competition charges a diagnostic fee.  We do not charge for performing a diagnostic.  Data recovery is not guaranteed but we use a very sophisticated and costly software suite that greatly increases the probability that you will get your data back.  In the event you cannot boot your computer we will mail you in a flash drive and give you detailed instructions. 

Our Competition's Prices:

Geek Squad's Pricing (Currently A Minimum of $450):


Data Doctor's Pricing (Currently A Minimum of $350):


Forensic Division